a2sign's Electronic Contract

We have equipped easy-to-use features for effortless paperless transition!

Process of e-Signature

Sender's side
Upload Documents
Enter mailing Address
Set Signature block, etc.
Easily created with simple operations.
Recipient's side
Check Received Emails
Click View and Sign
Fill in the blank spaces

a2sign Feature List

Basic Features of Electronic Contracts

e-Signature with individual to multiple company (person)
Multiple e-Signatures on a Single e-Contract
Checking Document Progress Status
Searching Contracts
Document Access Restriction (Password Protection)
Setting Expiry Dates
Bulk Sending
Template Function
Storage and Management of Signed Documents (Free for Lifetime)
Long-Term Signature & Timestamp

Scanner Storage Feature

Storage Function
Import and storage of documents compliant with the Electronic Books Maintenance Act are supported.
Unlimited Timestamps
You can import and store documents and electronic data with unlimited certified timestamps from authorized providers.

a2sign's Unique and Convenient Features

File Attachment Feature
Requesting Attachments such as Driver's Licenses and Registration Documents.
Document Tagging Feature
Attach your preferred tags for instant use anytime.Customize your own company-specific numbering, such as customer IDs or quotation numbers.
Supports Multiple File Formats
Uploads are possible infrom of other formats other than PDF.No need for file conversion tasks.
Specifying a determining the sequence of signatories
Specify the signing order for internal memo among multiple companies.
Change Font Size & Type
Adjustable the font size and type to match the uploaded documents.
Japanese, English, Thai, 3 languages we support.
Native support, not just translation.
Seal / Stamp Functionality
You can upload imprints for text input and company seals for use.
Handwriting-style Signature
Create handwriting-style signatures with typing input only.

Long-Term Signature & Timestamp

a2sign's Unique and Convenient Features
Long-term e-Signature (PAdES) is a set of digital signatures and time stamps that are granted to a PDF with an electronic contract conclusion, allowing the signature to be verified for 10 years beyond the certificate's expiry date. In addition, as the digital signature is granted using an Adobe-accredited digital certificate (AATL), the validity of the digital signature can be verified in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that when you open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can confirm on the spot that it has not been tampered with for 10 years.
We adopt the timestamp of certified providers
a2sign's long-term signature utilizes the timestamp from Amano Secure Japan Co., Ltd., a certified provider by the Japan Data Communications Association. This robust timestamping method allows for powerful proof of data integrity and facilitates easier compliance with the Electronic Books Maintenance Act.

Verification Period for Long-term Signatures

Long-term signatures, unlike regular electronic signatures, provide proof that the data in a PDF file has not been edited or tampered with over an extended period. They are highly recommended for critical contracts and for compliance with the Electronic Books Maintenance Act , especially when dealing with files saved locally on PCs or other devices.
logn term sign

Security of SignTime (Original Supplier of a2sign)


An engineering team with international certifications

SignTime's security team includes a certified security officer with internationally recognized qualifications such as CISSP™ and CREST CRT™, ensuring continuous updates to the latest security features.
security WAF (Web Application Firewall)
WAF (Web Application Firewall)
We have built a robust firewall to protect the system from unauthorized attacks.
security Automatic Data Backup
Automatic Data Backup
At SignTime, all contract data is backed up daily, ensuring a higher level of security than local storage for your peace of mind.
security AES-256 bit Encryption for Contract Documents
AES-256 bit Encryption for Contract Documents
Already signed files are encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption for secure storage on the cloud.
security Powered by AWS
Powered by AWS
SignTime is an application built on AWS that continuously advances with new technological developments, implementing the latest security features.
security Communication encryption via SSL/TLS
Communication encryption via SSL/TLS
All communications in SignTime are encrypted with SSL/TLS (256-bit).
security Customization for Each Customer
Customization for Each Customer
We accommodate security preferences through individual customization, such as IP address restrictions and the integration of specified security tools, tailored to each customer's specific requirements.