What is a2sign?
Our solution is an OEM of SignTime©, that certified by the Japanese government agent officially.
a2sign provides a 'new contract' that will completes solely over the web browser. While the conventional complete the contracts paper by print it out and scan bace to softfile.
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Whether you're working from home, create contracts and request signatures in just 1 minute. No more wasted trips to the office.
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Just upload existing agreement or application file. Create e-Signature with intuitive, user-friendly operations.
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Signer can sign without account registration or contract setup. Executed contracts are securely stored in a locked state in the cloud.
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Implementation Benefits01
Easily contract with remote parties.
Implementing e-Signature removes geographical barriers, allowing agreements to be made effortlessly. Sign contracts worldwide, crossing international borders with ease.
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Implementation Benefits02
Introducing e-Signature significantly reduces paper usage. It's a valuable step towards a paperless initiative.
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Implementation Benefits03
a2sign provides the necessary security for storing and managing contracts, significantly reducing the risk of information leakage.
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Implementation Benefits04
Save time and cost
Time and costs associated with printing, mailing, and managing paper contracts are reduced. Additionally, the preparation and review of crucial contract documents can be done swiftly.
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Implementation Benefits05
Optimizing the contracting process
All stages of contract drafting, modification, approval, and signing are digitized, allowing for significant optimization and efficiency
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Implementation Benefits06
Legal Validity / Legal effectiveness
e-Signatures are legally recognized in many countries and regions, including Thailand, and have the same legal validity as paper contracts.

4 Reasons why you choose a2sign


Friendly user interface

a2sign is provided in a cloud (SaaS) model.
After logging in, you can conveniently create, finalize, and store electronic contracts all in one place from the dashboard.
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User-Friendly design
  • You can easily place signature fields in contracts using just your mouse. You can also resize them and change the font.
  • The signer's side is also simple. Just click the received email and fill out the fields.

Rich Features and Customization

Document tagging, file attachments, uploading seals, handwritten signatures, branding customization, and many other unique features tailored to our users' needs.
Additionally, we offer extended features such as API integration with your core systems and existing SaaS services.
If there is a need for additional system development in some cases, we can recommend a partner as system development company to customize the system to fit your scope and size
Electronic Contract Functionality
Template Function
Setting Expiry Dates
Document Search Function
Bulk Contract Sending
Supports Multiple File Formats
File Attachment Feature
Document Tag Setting

Best cost performance

Start our feature-rich electronic contract service from just 300 THB per month.
Our plans include a certain number of electronic contracts for free, allowing you to use our service at a reasonable price.
We also offer custom plans tailored to your specific needs, based on the number of users and documents you need to send.
Furthermore, those who wish to try it out can use it for free for one month.

Comprehensive Support System

At a2network (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the provider of a2sign, we offer support through a team comprising both Japanese and Thai professionals, assisting you from implementation to operation.
Listening to your needs and considering factors like integration with existing systems, we'll help you build the perfect mobile environment.
Before Use
We will introduce a2sign and propose a solution tailored to your specific needs and environment.
  • ・Overview and e-Signature Instructions
  • ・We will ask your environment and requirements for optimal operation
  • ・Solution Proposal
  • ・Account setup for the free trial, along with implementation support
  • ・30-Days Free Trial
We will introduce the various features of a2sign and analyze your specific usage needs, individual requirements, and potential system integrations with your environment. Based on this analysis, we will propose the optimal solution for your implementation.
Preparation and Implement
We will support the adjustments and training necessary for the implementation.
  • ・Trial Feedback and Operational Adjustments
  • ・One-Day Training for Administrators
We provide support for setup, template creation, and offer a 1-day training session for administrators, ensuring a smooth transition even for those new to electronic contract services.
We support your operations.
  • ・Support via phone call or e-mail
  • ・Remote Support via Zoom or others
After the implementation of a2sign, we continue to offer support for administrators and assist with system integration inquiries, ensuring comprehensive assistance for your operations.